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Your Prospects Are Sending Out Signals.
Tuuner Listens and Responds.

The 4 Phases of Digital Marketing

(There are no shortcuts. If there was one, I promise we'd tell you.)
Go to Drive


Drive Traffic to your site. This is where it all begins. Whether it’s SEO, SEM, Social Media, Programmatic Ads, Radio or Morse Code – you NEED traffic. Get visitors to your site and Tuuner will do the rest!

Go to Capture


Capturing Leads turns website visitors into identifiable and re-marketable targets. Tuuner can capture your visitors with email, social media profiles, SMS, retargeting pixels, web notifications plus whatever new comes down the pike.

Go to Nurture


Nurturing Prospects is the serious business of creating trust and educating your leads on your capabilities and how you deliver. Tuuner can create and deliver those messages (on autopilot) using the same channels in the Capture phase.

Go to Convert


Convert Customers is the final step of your digital marketing campaign. But don’t get too comfy. It’s time to rinse and repeat, upselling and cross-selling all your new customers. And, of course, Tuuner does that too.

The 92:1 Dirty Little Secret

Over 1000 marketing professionals surveyed and the results are shocking.
“The reason for this is that marketing professionals are still stuck using the 92:1 ratio”

If you were to ask a digital marketer how effective their marketing budget is at delivering results, they’d probably share some great statistics about metrics, ROI and customer engagement.

The fact is that while only a handful will admit it, few companies are getting much by way of return on investment for their digital marketing efforts.

The reason for this is that marketing professionals are still stuck using the 92:1 ratio.

This ratio points to the fact that for every 92 cents businesses spend driving traffic to their websites, they only spend 1 cent converting it into a paying customer.1

We spend piles of money on digital ads, social media management, SEO, SEM, webmasters, backend development, hosting, e-commerce, content creation, website's design to ensure easy navigation, and and then we virtually ignore potential customers once they land on our website. We leave them to complete the most important part of the journey alone. What could possibly go wrong!

1. Bryan Eisenberg, Conversion Conference London 2011

  • That's a lotta papayas

  • What, you don't like making the money?